Award Winning
2017 People's Choice Award
Fresno Food Expo
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The Brioche Lady
wins the 
​2017 People's Choice Award

Simon Majumdar
celebrity chef pays a visit to 
The Brioche Lady team.

The Brioche Lady

News camera crew setting up at The Brioche Lady booth 

Purple yam brioche
is the winner of the
2017 People's Choice Award.

Purple yam brioche
on display at the
2017 Fresno Food Expo.

The Brioche Lady
working hard...

Doc setting up for the local news interview

The Brioche Lady
team heading to

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
My sister in law and I hanging out at Manchester's Farmers Market on Fridays. 
My chocolate brioches turned out quite nicely.
A few of the kids hanging out in the back of the Uhaul truck after a long day of loading and unloading. 
Check out my crown brioche which is used in certain regions of France for wedding celebrations. 
The brioche line at Visalia's Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. 
Thank you to my customers for waiting patiently and visiting my booth.

Pictures From February 2016...Enjoy!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and got something special for your special someone. 
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My husband loves slicing the Original Brioche and using it as buns for his Black Angus burgers. They look good together & tastes great!

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