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  1. My Favorite Brioche Bakery in France.
    My Favorite Brioche Bakery in France.
    I grew up eating the brioches from this bakery in France. Taken during my trip to France in July 2016.
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  1. The Brioche Lady makes delicious brioches! All flavors are wonderful! Try making french toast with it and you'll be in a "food coma"!
    Carole Lester - Executive Director Business Organization of Old Town Clovis
  2. The Brioche Lady is definitely a taste of heaven. The bread melts in your mouth!
    Joaquin (Ernie) & Gail Partida
  3. Absolutely delicious! Great for anytime but my favorite is with morning coffee.
    Wanda Leon of Fifth Street Antiques
  4. This is the freshest bread ever! I love the sweetness though it is not too sweet but just enough to savor the flavor. The purple yam filled brioche is the best!
    June Boyce
  5. I am typing this review as I enjoy my brioche. From presentation to taste, amazing all the way. Crafted with love and passion. If you haven't tried it, you're truly missing out. It's so delicious! Je t'aime " The Brioche Lady "!
    Gabriela Castellanos
  6. Bought the chocolate brioche at the farmer's market this morning after hearing it was great for French toast. Oh my word, best thing I've ever made. My husband was in heaven. What an awesome find!
    Kristina Wadley
  7. Bought 3 today for Mother's Day & the original plan was to gift them. My girls and I have already consumed one. Guilty! I hope to pick more up next week at the Visalia Farmers Market.
    Reina Carbajal
  8. We bought a chocolate filled brioche at the Clovis farmers market. It is amazing! Can't wait to buy more.
    Pamela Whitworth
  9. Thank you for the yummy bread. It made great French Toast!!!! We loved it!!!!!!!
    Mike & Julie Nichols
  10. Amazing bread! Really good with butter and heated up!
    Kristen Terry
  11. This is the best brioche I've ever had!!! Nothing else even compares! I've had the original brioche and pumpkin filled brioche. Delicious!!!
    Alissa Shepherd
  12. You all have to try this bread. It's delicious! I bought mine today at Manchester Famers Market.
    Morticia Adams
  13. Totally work it just for the trip. To pick up french brioche at the farmers market. Soft, delicious, and sweet...!!!
    Vavalu Vang
  14. This brioche is by far the best I've ever had! I look forward to it with a cappuccino as one of my favorite breakfasts or snacks with honey, jam, or just butter on top. I love it!
    Jessica Pittman
  15. Love every flavor!! My sister in law introduced us to this and now I've introduced it to my family.
    Sue Yang Xiong
  16. Yummy yummy yummy!!! I highly recommend! Brioche bread was very soft and delicious!
    Cua Wind
  17. Thank you for baking delicious brioche. They are the best brioches I've ever had. Can't wait to try all the other flavors.
    BC Vang
  18. This is the best brioche I've ever had!! Nothing could compare to her bread!!! My babies love her chocolate ones and I love both her taro and chocolate ones. Omg! Y'all should try guys will never regret it. Trust me. Can't wait for my next order...
    Sandy Vue
  19. Tried the brioche at farmer's market today and it was the best one I have ever had. Most of the time, I have bought brioches from other sources and they are very dry, bland tasting and either too dense or too light but flavorless. I only use them in French toast but these were so good any way you served them would be good. So many flavors but even the plain (original) one just melts in tour mouth. Perfect texture and flavor. Can't wait for her to open a full scale bakery.
    Veronica Wagenleitner
  20. I had the chocolate brioche and it was delicious. I'm heading back today for more.
    Dario Aguilera
  21. Finally bought some at the Clovis Farmers Market and they are delicious!!!!
    Cristine Lee
  22. The brioche bread is simply amazing! I took 7 loaves on our 14 hour trip to Asia and they were still perfect when I gave them to my friends as presents.
    Jo-Ann Camagong
  23. We visit The Brioche Lady every weekend at the Clovis Farmers Market. The brioche is simply amazing; light, fluffy, and incredible flavor. Highly recommended!
    Eric K.
  24. Delicious. Blueberry is my favorite. Heard about her through word of mouth and Facebook. Everything tastes homemade and extremely fresh.
  25. Outstanding brioche. As if my love of bread couldn't be any bigger, The Brioche Lady's brioche is really second to none in our area. There are so many things you could do with this, or not do, and just eat it plain.
    Eric T.
  26. I just tried blueberry cream cheese recently and her pistachio brioches. Both are amazing. So moist and the flavor is delicious. Previously, we have tried the cinnamon raisin and pumpkin brioches and I haven't found one that has disappointed yet.
    Amanda R.